My name is Destanie , I'm 15 and going to be a Sophmore.

I have been working with my mentors Carrie and Oak Smith, who introduced me to the world of showing dogs for a little over a year now. I started just simply meeting with Carrie once a week and working with my coated bitch.

Slowly my interest increased in showing dogs and thats how it all began. Soon I was see my dogs and going to dog shows as often as I possibly could.

Although I love being with my dogs and showing them, I also live on a working cattle ranch which needs my attention too. So I also love to ride my horse and working with the cattle, actually I more or less just love the horse, the cows are just part of the package.

I also participate in some school activities such as band, knowledge bowl, and I occasionally catch a sports game (although I perfer to spectate not participate).

I don't love school as much as I love showing dogs but I do enjoy going to school, especially when I'm in English or Science class.

Although I am not a super star in school I do my very best to hold all A's an B's.