Congratulations to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America 2012 National Specialty Show Best Junior Handler Trevor from Texas. WAY TO GO TO the FUTURE HANDLERS of our breed. We look forward to the 2013 GSDCA Centennial in Pennsylvania.

My name is Trevor, I am 17 years old and I have been showing German shepherds for 6 years now. I have been born and raised in Texas.

Last year I made a decision to move to Oregon to discover something new. While in Oregon I was going to show dogs but never got around to it. While in this moved I saw many things that I never thought of I would ever see. Then in June I made a decision of moving back to Texas with my mom to start showing dogs again.

In my future life I would like to become a professional dog handler and become the best vet that I can be. I would also like to travel to different states to show dogs and get to see the world. I have been to 3 German shepherd nationals. In the 2010 German Shepherd nationals I was awarded best junior handler in Farmington Utah. My goal is to learn how to show other breeds of dogs also. I have been training at Tripphill kennels for as long as I have been showing dogs.

I am an avid listener and learn quickly. When I show a clients dog and I put my best effort into showing that dog. I owe thanks to some of the handlers that have helped me through the years; they are Greg Eschette, Mike Sherman, Bart Bartley, Ken Tank and Bob Moore. Many owners and breeders have also helped me by giving me instruction, giving me awesome dogs to show and being on the Cheering line at ring side.